Businesses are also taking note, especially when it comes to the use of e-cargo bikes. But why are they turning to e-cargo bikes, and how is this type of electric cycle helping with operations?

E-cargo bikes are more affordable

Regular cycles have always had the cost factor on their side compared to cars and scooters, but they couldn’t compete in the speed stakes. And while electric e-cargo bikes are nowhere near as fast as conventional vehicles, they are quick enough to become a serious consideration for transporting cargo around.

Plus, they are much more economical, saving businesses thousands in the process. As a business, you’ll save on fuel, maintenance, taxes and traditional motor insurance. Some companies have reported savings of up to £300 per month when switching to e-bikes.

You’ll save time, too

There’s no more getting stuck in traffic with an e-cargo bike, nor will employees need to spend ages looking for somewhere to park for deliveries. An e-cargo bike allows riders to navigate the roads with ease, and they don’t need to find somewhere to park for the delivery.

Yes, electric cycles might not be as fast, but with many big-city speed limits capped at 20 mph, an e-cargo bike doing 15.5 mph is a handy alternative. This, combined with being able to cycle door-to-door, means e-cargo bikes end up being quicker than a car or van.

More environmentally friendly

In 2019, the average delivery van emitted 159g of CO2 per kilometre. Businesses, more than ever, are committing to becoming more eco-friendly in record numbers, finding ways to operate in a manner that’s kinder to the environment.

For delivery companies, an e-cargo bike is the best route forward to cutting emissions and being more environmentally conscious during operations. That means local businesses can play their part in helping neighbourhoods become more sustainable, while worldwide organisations can also contribute to the cause.

Healthier employees

Most of us struggle to find time in the day to exercise, especially with all the demands of work. Yet, your team members riding around on e-cargo bikes can enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle while they’re on the job.

Many businesses already using bikes for their operations report happier employees who enjoy being out in the open. Plus, with the battery on an e-cargo bike, staff can put it in electric mode if they find themselves tiring during a delivery.

Say goodbye to petrol tips

You don’t have to worry about creating a petrol budget for e-cargo bikes. When the rider needs to power it up, they can simply plug it into the mains and give the bike some juice.

Not only does this save you money as there’s no need to fill up vans that guzzle plenty of petrol or diesel, but you also don’t need to factor in regular fuel stops during working hours.

Large loading capacities

E-cargo bikes tend to carry large loads, meaning your riders can still get plenty of items loaded up for deliveries. The electric motor makes transporting these loads much easier, so they’re not lugging around heavy goods while they pedal.

Thanks to their increased load capacity and weather-resistant cargo hold, E-cargo bikes are well suited to large deliveries.

Employment requirements

It will also be easier to find employees who can ride e-cargo bikes, as there are no requirements for cycling. With a car or van, drivers need to have a clean driving licence and, in some cases, obtain special licences for some vans.

With an e-bike, however, they only need to be competent at riding a cycle. As a result, it should make finding staff a more straightforward process than if you use cars and vans.

Summary: e-cargo bikes are the future for delivery businesses

More than two-thousand e-cargo bikes were sold in 2020, and the number is set to increase by 60 per cent in the next year. That’s because businesses realise that e-cargo bikes are the way forward, saving time and money in the process while being more environmentally friendly.

The e-bike revolution isn’t just changing our personal lives and how we get around. It’s also helping businesses become more profitable, eco-friendly and efficient as they find smarter ways to deliver goods to customers.


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