At Laka, you may cancel your policy at any time and pay your share for the days in the month that you had an active policy.

We understand that you may want to pause your policy without severing ties with the collective, perfect for winter hibernation or when you know you’ll be off of the bike. You can pause your policy within your account and quickly reactivate it again when you’re ready to get back on the bike.

Leaving at the start of the month

We like to play fair, so if you decide to leave on the first or second day of the month, we’ll act as though you had cancelled on the last day of the previous month. This means that you won’t be covered (or billed!) for that month.

Example: you receive your renewed policy documents on 1st September alongside your personal bill. The next day, you decide to cancel your policy. In this case we will act as though you had cancelled your policy on 31st August. This means that your August bill will be your final bill with us, and you won’t be covered in September (unless you rejoin!)

If you’ve made a claim within the first two days of the month then we won’t be able to do this and you’ll need to pay your share for the whole of the month.

As always, if you need help, contact us.