If you suffer an injury, in addition to covering the cost of a medical assessment up to £50 and treatment up to £1,500, we will pay you a benefit in the form of Laka Recovery Credits.

You will receive the number of Laka Recovery Credits that correspond to the type of bodily injury(s) you have suffered as shown in your Policy Schedule.

Laka Recovery Credits can be “spent” on Laka Recovery Benefits. You will have the freedom to choose the Laka Recovery Benefit(s) that will make your recovery easier, whether that's maintaining your fitness with a home training set up and training plan or taxi credits to help you get around. The choice is yours.

The range of Recovery Benefits we offer can be viewed here.

We categorise injuries as follows:

  • Dental injury  Category A
  • Optical injury  Category A
  • Fracture   Category A
  • Muscular injury  Category A
  • Concussion  Category B
  • Road rash  Category C

And we split these up between head, upper body and lower body.

Only one category “A” and one category “B” benefit can be claimed from each of head, upper body and lower body following a single accident. Only one category “C” benefit can be claimed following a single accident.