There are two ways in which we can go about settling a claim:

  • Source and replace your gear; or
  • Cash settlement

The majority of the time we replace your gear as this is usually  the best way to get our members back on their bike and out riding. Whilst replacing the item like-for-like can be tricky due to custom parts and older bikes, we try our best to get as close to the original as possible.

The replacement of the item is dependent on the amount you’ve insured your gear for. If you have insured it for the full RRP, then rest assured we will get your gear replaced as new, like-for-like..

If, however, you’ve insured your gear for less than the full RRP as new, then we may need to replace your gear with the closest available equivalent up to the value you’ve insured your gear for. If you do choose to insure your gear for less than RRP, it's sometimes difficult for us to source like-for-like parts for you within your sum insured, and you might get something slightly different due to price fluctuations.

On the flip side, there are some incidents where we do pay out in cash. This is usually when we pay the cyclist’s local bike shop directly or in some cases when it just suits our cyclist’s needs better.

In any case, we try our hardest to make our cyclists happy. Check out our latest reviews to find out first-hand!