We will arrange the repair or replacement of your insured gear as new or pay a supplier directly - you can use your local bike shop or mechanic and we can pay them directly.


If at our discretion we agree to, we can settle in cash paid to you. If we settle your claim in cash, the maximum we will pay is the cost for which we could replace the item of your insured gear like for like, as new.

So if your bike was insured for £1,000 but when you came to claim we could replace it with the exact same make and model for £800, if we were settling in cash settlement, the maximum we would pay is £800. This keeps things fair and square for the collective who will cover the cost of your claim.

The majority of the time we replace your gear as this is usually the best way to get our members back on their bike and out riding. Whilst replacing the item like-for-like can be tricky due to custom parts and older bikes, we try our best to get as close to the original as possible.

The most we could ever pay out is the sum insured for your insured gear. If you’ve underinsured your gear we may have to reduce the value of any partial claims. See underinsurance.

Salvage of damaged parts

Once we have settled a claim we can ask you to send us any damaged parts that we’ve replaced - we upcycle these items and give the proceeds back to the Collective to keep cost down for all.

In any case, we try our hardest to make our cyclists happy. Check out our latest reviews to find out first-hand!

As always, if you need help, contact us.