The two ways in which we try to recover claim costs and keep the collective’s shares down are:

Salvaging and Upcycling Parts

When we receive a claim, we try our best to get you back on the bike as soon as possible by sourcing replacement parts and bikes super fast. We could just stop there. However, some damaged parts can actually be salvaged. We work with several partners who buy old bike parts and upcycle them.

All of the money made in this way goes straight back to the collective as savings off your next bill.


This one is a bit more complex. When one of our cyclists’ gear is damaged by a third party, for example in a collision with a car that wasn’t their fault, rather than asking our member to take this up with the driver's insurers, we would pay our member’s claim and take on the responsibility of going after the driver ourselves to recover the cost of the claim.

When we recover money in this way, you guessed it, we put it back to the collective as savings off your next bill. It truly does pay to be part of the pack.

As always, if you need help, contact us.