We launched Laka to inspire people from all walks of life to enjoy cycling. Now, we’re going bigger; and we’re inviting you to join us as investors.
Pre-register now to get early access to our crowdfunding campaign - you'll get the opportunity to read our pitch deck and invest ahead of the public.

All info at the link above. Capital at risk.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year. But here’s something to end it with a bang - at least for our collective and future investors.

We want to give you – our collective who have made Laka possible – the first chance to invest in us via crowdfunding, before a bigger fundraise in the near future.

Crowdfunding gives you the opportunity to invest in and own a share of our business as we scale across Europe and beyond. You can invest from as little as £10 and as much as £100k+.

And, as an investor, you’ll be even more involved in Laka. Plus, there'll be an enviable rewards list for investors.

We're expecting a huge interest so to help manage the campaign, we’re opening up access to a Priority List - if you pre-register today, you’ll be the first to gain access to our crowdfunding campaign, read our pitch deck and invest ahead of the public. Remember, when investing your capital is at risk.

Ben, myself (Tobi) and Jens

Founded in 2017

The Laka idea was born when I was working on a FinTech and Insurance M&A transaction during my time at Barclays. It seemed that each vertical in Financial Services was being challenged for customer centricity, but not insurance.

Insurance, of all verticals, comes with an inherent conflict of interest. The fewer claims settled, the higher the underwriting profit to the insurer. Insurers are better off when acting against their customers. This is nuts!

There is little incentive to change this as taking your money first and (possibly) paying out claims later is super convenient - for the insurer that is. The customer always comes second in the equation.

Our idea was born: why not pay out claims first and only retroactively, after a service was provided, charge customers. Yes, it is rather inconvenient to ask our customers each month to pay back the expenses we incurred but it forces us to rethink customer service and proposition. For the better. Customers finally come first and we only earn revenues when acting in their best interest, settling claims.

Our journey began with the accelerator programme 'Startupbootcamp InsurTech', accelerated further with the FCA’s Regulatory FinTech Sandbox and a partnership with Zurich Insurance Group. We finally had all the ingredients to make it happen.


Following lots of “test, learn & improve” phases, we’ve now surpassed 10,000 bikes insured, valued at over £26 million. That’s a huge milestone but one we’re going to better – fast, and with your help.

The Laka brand is well established within the UK cycling community and we’ve got bold plans to take it abroad throughout Europe and expand into wider mobility categories.

“Getting bike insurance needn’t be so boring.”
– that was the Evening Standard just a few weeks ago.

“A truly innovative approach to insurance.”
- and that was one of you, our collective.

It seems we’re actually making insurance… cool!

(Have you seen our Laka x Rapha clothing!?)

So why are we crowdfunding now?

Bike sales are already up 50 per cent this year (Association of Cycle Traders). The market is booming and Laka is growing even faster with it.

With a surge of interest in cycling and e-mobility, and continued growth in our community, we feel now is the right time to invite you – our members – to join us as investors.

We’ve got a larger investment round planned for next year from venture capital and corporate investors, so we’re making this campaign a ‘convertible’. That means you (our loyal collective) can invest at a discount on the share price of that later investment round, if you invest now.

As you’ll know - we believe in clubbing together for strength in numbers, so we’re excited for you to join us.

Why you should invest in Laka

In 2019, there were 296,000 bike thefts in the UK - a huge number. We know, more than ever, that our collective needs reliable and flexible insurance - that’s fair for them. That’s just a fraction of our services as 4/5 claims settled are for damage.

By investing in Laka, you’re helping to flip the insurance industry on its head and bring our collective cover to more cyclists.

Crowdfunding gives you the chance to invest in and own shares in our business, helping fuel our mission. Plus, we’ll share insider news with you and be providing rewards too.

By investing, you’ll become a Laka Shareholder and thoroughly involved in our journey!

Please note:
Investing involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution, and should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. This article has been approved as a financial promotion by Seedrs Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No. 550317).


Pre-register now to get early access to our crowdfunding campaign - you'll get the opportunity to read our pitch deck and invest ahead of the public.

All info at the link above. Capital at risk.