This is our journey on how we went from an insurance intermediary with a novel business model to protecting people’s unique feelings.

For us Insure A Thing has always been a working title. Something that grows on you due to its descriptiveness, while being a nightmare in terms of consumer branding and messaging.

How do you tell your customers that you are different from the insurance industry if you even carry insure in your name? How do you bring across that you do not just insure things if that is your actual name?

Insure A Thing had to go because it didn’t tell our story right. It held us back.

What we are trying to create is something fundamentally different. The solution to a broken insurance model. A new model in which the customer is put first – before shareholders, before partners and even before the company itself.

To reinforce that, we designed our company to only benefit when we can deliver on this promise. We only make money when we settle claims.

But that’s only half of the truth.

Our customers expect for us to deliver on the promise of insurance, but also understand who they are and what makes them tick.

That means, not just protecting a thing but rather a unique feeling. A feeling only they know: the anticipation, the rush and the satisfaction before, during and after a ride, when they reach the top of the mountain and descend from the peak. In these moments, they are completely immersed in this passion and escape the world.

It is up to us to protect this feeling at all costs.

That is why we exist.

Meet Laka


Now, you’re probably asking yourself: Laka, how did they come up with that?

Let me start by explaining the meaning. Although the word may sound familiar, it’s actually not common in most languages.

The meaning we liked the most is derived from Hawaiian Mythology. Yes, you heard right. Laka, is the Hawaiian goddess of prosperity and hula dancing. It’s out and everyone knows it.

Now, we could craft a great story how we love to hula dance with our customers, create prosperity and wellbeing but the reality is that we are practical people.

We liked the name (and our customers do too!), domains, social media handles and trademarks were available and you can actually pronounce it. It ticks so many boxes.

We are different because we are totally transparent.

What does Laka look like?

After deciding on the amazing name Laka the next step was to bring it to life visually. To reflect what Laka stands for we decided to choose visually bold typography and colours to reflect our ethos.

Visually Laka evokes two things, firstly our business model: bold, rebellious and unique. Secondly our company culture playful, young and disruptive.

The main colour (we’ve dubbed it Hawaiian Raspberry) sends the message of ‘who we are’. We are not the typical blue logo. We are here to change the current insurance model.

We moved away from our boxy logo and gave Laka more movement and approachability. This decision was more than just visual, it highlights our transparency as a company.


What is Laka?

Let me give you a bit of context.

Where we are today, is the result of a rather long journey and that’s because we didn’t know who we were.

A new team, each member with their own experiences, driven by a not so common goal. If you would have asked us 10 months ago what this goal is, you would have gotten at least three different answers.

But we have always been clear on the values of the company and a few of them came up, over and over again.

First, we want to be transparent and honest with our customers. That means explaining what we are doing but also why and how. Our model is different and that gives us the unique opportunity to be open about how we do things differently.

Second, we wanted to create an inclusive environment for our customers in which they can make mistakes without being charged extra. To go beyond fair insurance and be forgiving.

In a centuries-old industry, we see ourselves as challengers of the status quo. We defy convention and shake up what doesn’t work. Looking backwards is not our way of doing things.

Finally, insurance is a serious topic but we can’t lose ourselves in the world of loss ratios and claims frequencies. We’ve created a product for people to enjoy themselves. Take things with a smile. After all, we are named after the Hawaiian goddess of hula dance.

It’s important to us that we don’t create external positioning which ignores our internal values but rather sells what we live by. We hope you like it.

So, look out for that Hawaiian Raspberry in the insurance space, because we are ready to make a splash.

Homing in on the narrative

We looked at what is the perfect story to explain why we exist and what Laka stands for from here on. If you are a cyclist, you will feel right at home.

Think back when you last rode your bike.

The anticipation you felt before going out. Preparing your ride, finding the best route, tweaking your brakes and gears. When you ride out, you are instantly in the moment and focused on what is ahead. You have the sense that nothing can stop you.

That’s how you should feel every day. It is a unique feeling only you know and it must be protected at all costs. Only a partner who understands can defend what’s yours.

Choosing the right partner is difficult. Insurance policies are absurdly complex and the price given is a mystery. You pay for it anyway because you want peace of mind. It’s when you make a claim that you find out, what you thought is covered is actually not.

How did that happen?

It’s because insurance is broken.

It’s failed at serving its purpose – offering peace of mind when you need it the most.

At Laka, we want you to understand what you are buying. We designed our policies so simple and short, you can actually read it.

You pay a monthly fee which is your share of all claims from people like you. No claims mean your share is zero.

If it comes to a claim there are no more surprises. We work with you towards a common goal: get back what has been lost and fix what has been broken. We only get paid when we deliver on this promise.

Finally, insurance works in your favour.

We fixed insurance.