Use your cycling skills for some good. Here are three amazing projects you can be part of.

In the UK many elderly citizens feel isolated. This can be for a number of reasons, one cause is the individual having mobility issues.

It's time to take action. These projects cater to many peoples needs in a number of ways. They support, enable and inspire those who need it most. However, they can only continue if people like you help. Below are three cycle projects you can be part of, join now to improve the lives of people in your community.

Cycle Without Age UK

"Innovation through conventional means - reducing isolation & promoting engagement - one ride at a time."

What is it?

Cycle Without Age is a global non-profit movement founded in Copenhagen (now established in 38 countries). This initiative came up with a solution, to help older people get back on their bicycles. They acheived this by offering free bike rides in a trishaw.

Through such a simple action, Cycle Without Age has created immense opportunity for elderly citizens to continue being part of their local community.

How it works

Signing up for a bike ride can be as frequent or as rare as you want it to be. How frequently you want to volunteer is up to you. Currently, more than 10,000 volunteers (globally) have enjoyed helping the elderly explore the outside of their nursing homes and out on bikes.

What will you ride?

You will cycle with the awesome Trishaw!

Location: 21 Locations all over the UK

Sign up here:

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Ride Side by Side

"I am isolated and having someone with me for all that time was really fun." - Ride Side by Side Member

What is it?

Ride Side by Side is a unique cycle taxi service. The cycle taxi service completely free and made available to people in care homes or those with mobility issues. This service allows passengers to decide where they want to go: to the shops; friends; nearby park or just a mini adventure.

Ride Side by Side is more than a mode of transport, it gives those who were isolated the opportunity to feel part of the community again.

How it works

The cycle is ridden by a specially trained cyclist who will take passengers wherever they want to go. Passengers also enjoy chatting to their fellow cyclists about anything and everything.

How you can help

Ride Side by Side has been helping many people in Hackney and Kensington. However, it doesn't stop there if you want to bring the project to your community you can email

More info here


Positive Spin

"It’s not only exercise for him (my father) it is also a memory trigger, it fires up his imagination of what he used to do as a child”. - Positive Spin cyclist

What is it?

Positive Spin helps people with dementia enjoy cycling again. The sessions provided are free,fun and for everyone (family members and carers)!

How it works

Sessions take place over many weeks in nearby parks. The rides are for all abilities, and supervised by a specially trained instructors. It is a truly special project, helping people diagnosed with dementia reconnect with themselves.

How you can help

If you or an organisation are wishing to run a Positive spin in your local area this can be done through a social franchise arrangement. Alternatively if you have any ideas on how this project can get more funding please email

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Have ideas on funding opportunities? Cycle Training is always ready to listen! If you want to donate, please email